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Our team has over 150 years of collective experience in a wide range of industry sectors and operating environments  We have spent most of our careers translating promising technologies into winning businesses and nurturing these businesses through each stage of the life cycle.   We have managed through many industry and technology disruptions and evolving market needs, and have witnessed many successes as well as failures.  We have also worked with a variety of people, some great leaders and others who cannot navigate successfully through the changes.  Omni uses this experience to identify and invest in promising people and their companies and, by assisting with operational and strategic challenges, help these companies achieve their greatest potential. 


Industry Product Gaps. Cuts in R&D spending over the past years have left many large companies with major gaps in their product lines.  Because their smaller R&D organizations are not capable of developing products fast enough to meet time to market requirements, these companies are and will be looking to fill gaps through acquisitions.  Omni sees this as an opportunity to invest in portfolio companies that can fill the current and future product gaps of large corporations. 


Disruptive Technologies. We look for companies that have the potential to address or create large fast-growing markets with new breakthroughs or disruptive technologies.  We dedicate ourselves to studying industry trends and issues, looking for new opportunities to exploit.   


Investing Stages.  Omni will focus primarily on growth stage opportunities, but may opportunistically invest in attractive later stage deals. 


Company Support.  Omni takes an active role in the development of portfolio companies and looks for investments in areas where we can add the greatest value.  Omni has an extensive network of industry contacts which can be utilized to help companies acquire customers, get opinions on product ideas, forge strategic alliances, and start discussions with potential acquirers.  Our many executive and technical contacts in the industry also provide a good grounding for our views of the major industry issues and trends, and can help us to understand the product portfolio gaps of potential acquirers.

Omni helps portfolio companies by:

Omni focuses on investments on the east coast, from Washington, D.C. to Boston, so that we can spend more time working with each portfolio company.  The Fund invests $2-8 million per company, with smaller amounts for early stage companies.    

In all of our business dealings we strive for the highest level of integrity and forthrightness.  We aim to build healthy long-term business relationships with all of our valued business contacts. 

Investment Selection Criteria

Industry/Technology Focus




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