Dr. Arun Netravali, Managing General Partner






Our Team


James D. (JD) Gardner, General Partner and Chief Operating Officer




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Dr. Arun Netravali - Managing General Partner


James D. (JD) Gardner - General Partner and COO


Jon Harrington - Former Managing Partner - Accenture Venture Partner


Jim Brewington - Former President of Lucent Wireless

Venture Partner



Jon Harrington, Venture Partner




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Dr. Madhu Atre, Venture Advisor



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Frank Galuppo, Executive in Residence



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Bill Gourgey, Venture Partner



Douglas C. Eby - Former President of Torray LLC

Venture Partner


Dr. Madhu Atre - President Applied Materials-India

Venture Advisor-India


Bill Gourgey - Former Managing Partner - Accenture

Venture Partner


Frank Galuppo

Executive in Residence




Jim Brewington, Venture Partner






Douglas C. Eby, Venture Partner