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Veveo, located in Andover, MA, provides solutions to service providers that simplify consumers' access to content and applications in all environments and across all devices.  By enabling consumers to access services easily and intuitively, Veveo's products increase the value of services to consumers and increase the service provider's overall return on investment. Veveo is developing innovative and ground-breaking technology that will transform the way consumers interact with information and networks.  For more information, see






Acquired by KIT digital Inc.





Acquired by Circadence Corporation







Acquired by KIT digital Inc.




Catheter Robotics, Inc. is a medical device company founded on the premise of putting leading-edge technology into the hands of clinicians. At Catheter Robotics, Inc., we are committed to the goal that many challenges faced by modern medicine can be overcome by the proper deployment of advanced technology.

Founded in 2006 in New Jersey, Catheter Robotics has developed a remote navigation system that can aid in maneuvering and placement of catheters in complex cardiac catheterization procedures. Our technology gives physicians “a hand” in maneuvering delicate catheters in the body. For more information, visit Catheter Robotics at their website:


Personalized Media offers a platform for brand publishers and media networks to engage users with interactive content, videos and apps right on the webpages. This eliminates the need for users to have to leave the page or site they are on and enhances page views, reduces bounce rate, and increases the time spent by users on the publisher’s site, while at the same time creating new premium ad inventory on the high value areas of the site.


The Personalized Media platform uses patented semantic web technology to understand the concepts on a web page, and then finds interesting and relevant articles, videos and apps from the publisher’s family of sites. The publisher can configure the platform to customize how the content is shown to the user, and prioritize areas to funnel traffic.

For more information, visit Personalized Media at their website:



One On One Ads, Inc. is a technology company that develops solutions (Platforms) for online video commercials.  The company’s applications are designed to eliminate the need for professional expertise (e.g., video editing, programming), thereby reducing the expense and time to create commercials dramatically. When your video is created, you can simply click a few buttons and publish it across the web, on TV, and on mobile devices.  For more information about One On One, please visit our Web site at






eZuce, Inc. delivers open communications enabling social business and collaboration software designed for mid-size to large enterprises and cloud deployments.  eZuce counts as its customers several global companies as well as leading system integrators.  eZuce is the first company to provide a pure software only solution to enable Unified Communications-as-a-Service as the platform for next-generation, open UC architecture at significantly lower cost and operating complexity. For more information about eZuce, please visit our Web site at   






The strategic goal of Flowonix Medical Incorporated (Flowonix) is to become the leading implantable drug delivery company in the world. Founded in 2005, Flowonix (then called Medasys) received approval to conduct its first clinical trial in 2007 on the Prometra programmable implantable pump. The company received approval by the FDA to market the Prometra in 2012. Flowonix has been granted multiple patents, and is focused on working closely with physicians to rapidly improve the capabilities of implantable drug delivery and management systems.

For more information see the Flowonix web site at: